Society Encouraging the Arts in Bayport-Blue Point Schools

SEA-BBS is Bayport-Blue Point's booster organization for the Cultural Arts.  SEA-BS Hosts many events and activities throughout the school year, as well as providing numerous annual scholarships to Bayport-Blue Point students.

SEA-BBS Officers

Presidet - Kathy Conklin

Vice President - Berri Brine

Secretary - Alison Ward

Treasurer - Amy Auwaerter

SEA-BBS Committee Chairs

Membership - Debbie Lurie

Performing Arts Showcase - Alison Ward

Visual Arts Showcase - Alison Ward

Talent Show - Kathy Conklin

Scholarships - Suzanne Szeglin/Kathy Murphy

HS Musical - Nina Cosci/Karen Johnson

Scholarship applications will be available at the High School and Middle School later in the year.  Please visit the SEA-BBS Website for schoolship applicaions and membership forms, including contact information:

SEA-BBS Performing Arts Showcase 2017

All-District Band

Liturgical Fanfare

American Folk Trilogy

Theme from King Kong

All-District Chorus

Wakati Wa Amani

Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho

Candlelight Canon

Gonna Rise Up Singing

All-District Orchestra

Sahara Crossing

Bach Country Fiddles

Petite Tango

Sweet Georgia Brown

Senior Performing Arts Award Recipients

Joshua Lurie - Trumpet

Patricia Shiebler - Violin

Erin Murphy - Dance

Philip Tubiolo - Cello

Gianna Orlando - Voice

Allyson Koehler - Viola

Lindsey Olsen - Dance

Molly Conklin - Voice

Kelsie Dougherty - Dance

Olivia Ingrassia - Violin